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2-Axis Gun Drilling Machine (NCSD2Z Series)


2-axis gun drilling machine is widely used in drilling and reaming, tapping etc. It is widely applied in car industry, locomotives, shipbuilding, aviation and engineering mechanics. NCSD 2 Z series machine covers three types, NCSD2Z800, NCSD2Z1000 and NCSD2Z1200. Apart from fine surface finish, the 2-axis gun drilling machine will make the deep-hole processing efficient, precise. As a professional supplier of gundrilling machinery in China, we can ensure you good quality and excellent service.


NCSD series gundrilling machine is classified into three types, NCSD2Z800, NCSD2Z1000 and NCSD2Z1200.

Main characteristics:

  • 1. The machine can greatly improve work efficiency as it is equipped with 3 main shafts.
  • 2. Cone hole and high pressure coolant can guarantee the high precision and fine surface finish.
  • 3. Competitive price
  • 2-axis gun drilling machine has very competitive price because of scientific design and reasonable design.


index NCSD-800 NCSD-1200
Diameter scope of gun drill  (mm) φ2-22 φ2-22
Maximum drill hole depth (mm) 800 1200
Height from the main shaft center to the work bench  (mm) 200 200
Maximum diameter of workpiece  (mm) 72 72
Maximum length of workpiece  (mm) 900 1300
External size of machine tool  (mm) 4800X2000X1800 5800X2000X1800
Total weight of machine  tool  (t) 3.5 4.5
Machine tool control system MITSUBISH MITSUBISH