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CNC Gun Drilling Machine


CNC gun drilling machine is widely used in drilling and reaming, tapping etc. It has a wide application in car industry, locomotives, shipbuilding, aviation and engineering mechanics. CNC gun drilling machine has a wide application in car industry, locomotives, shipbuilding, aviation and engineering mechanics. The machine is featured by precision, reliability and low cost, compact package and convenience to operate. We can provide the machine with single shaft, 2-axis, 3-axis and 4-axis. As an experienced CNC gun drilling machine supplier in China, our company can ensure you good quality and excellent service.


  • 1. Single shaft machine
  • 2.2-axis machine is a professional machine tool for processing shaft parts. It can make the deep-hole processing efficient, precise regardless of fine surface finish.
  • 3.3-axis CNC gun drilling machine is widely applied in mould processing of water channel hole, punch hole, hot runner hole, hydraulic valve, distributor, heat exchanger plate and others of mould.
  • 4.4-axis machine can greatly improve the work efficiency because of various axes.

Advantages of CNC gun drilling machine:

  • 1. High-pressure coolant is introduced.
  • 2. Chips are discharged along the v-shaped groove on the outside of the tool body.
  • 3. Special forms can be ground in tool tip for tool operations.
  • 4. Brazed shank, solid carbide, and inserted tools are available.


  • 1. The imported linear guide rail and ball screw are adopted in machine tool so as to ensure the processing precision of equipment.
  • 2. CNC gun drilling machine greatly improve work efficiency with various shafts to work together.
  • 3. Cone hole and high pressure coolant can guarantee the high precision and fine surface finish.
  • 4. The stand column, pedestal, slide platform, work platform and other main components of machine tool are made of castings, with low deformation and high precision.
  • 5. The wide work space in design facilitates the clamping and processing of large work piece.
  • 6. The MITSUBISHI servo numerical control system is adopted and the machine is characterized by steady performance and simple operation.
  • 7. CNC gun drilling machine is beautiful with super-thin liquid crystal display(LCD)and oil-proof keyboard.

Standard fittings:

Transformer Chip cleaner
Oil temperature control machine

Main shaft

Available accessories:

Guide sleeve
Tool sharpening machine
Chipping oil
Deoiler Rubber sheath Drill