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Hardware Die Spotting Machine (NCC Series)

Hardware Die Spotting Machine (NCC Series)


NCC hardware die spotting machine is a new-developed machine by our company. As it adopts electric magnetic chuck, it is unnecessary to fix screws and it can lock mold fast. Thus, it improves work efficiency and save time. NCC hardware die spotting machine is mainly applied in repairing, matching, grinding and testing of cold stamping die for automobile parts. Additionally, the machine adopts hydraulic overload security device, so as to make sure production safe and stabile.

Component parts:

NCC hardware die spotting machine is mainly made of base, left and right frame, top cover, moving-out bench, turnover bench, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic system, lubricating system, safety device etc.


NCC hardware die spotting machine is designed according to current advanced technology in order to guarantee the system has enough static and dynamic rigidity and good dynamic quality. The hydraulic system we have used in the machine actuator is from famous brand in the world. NCC hardware die spotting machine is featured by high precision, good reliability.


S/N Project Unit NCC600
1 Nominal force T 600
2 Maximum hoisting force T 100
3 Main cylinder stroke MM 2400
4 Die opening space MM 2600
5 Maximum load of upper bench T 25
6 Maximum load of lower bench T 60
7 Repeat precision of lower bench MM <0.1
8 Method of moving the bench   Move from the front
9 Dimension of bench MM 3500*2000
10 Maximum turnover angle of slipway turnover board   180°
11 Fast ascending / descending speed MM/S 100
12 Slow ascending / descending speed MM/S <25
13 Slipway fretting speed MM/S 5-10
14 Move-out stroke of lower bench MM 4400
15 Move-out Speed of lower bench MM <80
16 Total power KW 37
17 Land occupation of machine tool MM 7500*6000
18 Machine tool height MM 7600
19 Machine tool weight T About 105