Special Chucks for CNC

  • Special Chucks for CNC
  • Special Chucks for CNC
  • Special Chucks for CNC
  • Special Chucks for CNC
  • Special Chucks for CNC
  • Special Chucks for CNC
  • Special Chucks for CNC


Electric magnetic chuck is widely applied in clamping, lifting and haulage industry. It is featured by powerful magnet, fast speed for magnetization and demagnetization, eco-friendliness etc. It can be used for CNC machine, like CNC gun drilling machine, CNC milling machine etc.



  • 1. Powerful magnetic force
    Electric magnetic chuck has powerful magnetic force and magnet continues to work while power is off, which makes it safe and environment-friendly.
  • 2. Good water-proof performance
    Electric magnetic chuck has good water-proof performance, which can resist spray of oily or aqueous liquid.
  • 3. It supports good absorption property to absorb ordinary steel materials or mold steel.
  • 4. Complete demagnetization can avoid magnetizing other parts.
  • 5. It is easy to plug and unplug as electric magnetic chuck uses fast water-proof joint to connect.
  • 6. It is characterized by simple operation, stability and long working life.
Quick die -change is being used Injection molding machine with quick die-change Quick die-change device is being used

Advantages of quick die change of injection machines by use of electric magnetic chuck:

  • 1. Strong applicability
    Various dies of shapes and sizes can be clamped on the die plate of magnetic chucks. The application of electric magnetic chuck makes the whole injection machine get rid of limit traditional clamps to expand applicable field and improve the applicability of injection machine. Die change may be conducted for different dies on an injection machine. This is especially suitable for various products, small batch and just-in-time production mode.
  • 2. Quicker and greater return of investment
    The application of die- change system, smaller injection with electric magnetic chuck enables machines to use bigger and more complicated dies at higher production speed to realize a small amount of front-end investment, with less operating cost to achieve quicker and more investment income.
  • 3. Quick installation
    You can fix electric magnetic chuck in threaded hole or T-shape slot on the back plate of injection machines by means of bolt. It is quick to install.